July Product Updates!

Meital Gelbort

Hi Diversion Community!

We're excited to share some exciting updates we've made to Diversion:

  • Unreal Engine Plug-in Update: We've released a new version (0.1.8-beta) of the Diversion plugin for UE5 in the Unreal Engine Marketplace. This update brings enhanced stability and performance, with source control operations now at least twice as fast. To update, simply navigate to the Diversion plugin in your Epic Launcher and click "Update." We're continuously working to add more features and refine the UX, so stay tuned for future enhancements!
  • Multi-Select in Conflict Resolution: Streamline your merging process by using the new multi-select option on the conflicts resolution screen. This allows you to apply the same resolution action to multiple files simultaneously, saving time and clicks.
  • Revert a Commit: Previously only available through the CLI, you can now revert specific commits directly from both the web and desktop applications. Simply go to the commits view and click "Revert" next to the desired commit.
  • Desktop App Access from the Tray: You can now open either the web app or the desktop app directly from the tray icon.
  • Update Button for Workspace Conflicts: If your workspace can't update to the latest commit due to conflicts, a new "Updates available on current branch" button will appear in your workspace view. This enables you to resolve conflicts and sync to the latest branch tip.
  • Performance Enhancements: We've improved the responsiveness and reduced latency on critical screens and actions. We are committed to continual performance improvements, so please let us know if there are specific actions or flows you believe could benefit further.

Public Roadmap

We want you to know what we are working on and suggest your ideas, and priorities, that's why we have released our Public Roadmap: https://portal.productboard.com/diversion/1-diversion-public-roadmap/

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