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A New Breed of Version Control

Diversion is unlike any other version control tool built before. We've re-envisioned the user experience, transforming it into a modern cloud service. Spend less time fighting your VCS, and more time creating the things your care about.

Painless Scalability

Effortlessly work with very large files and large repositories without configuration hassle and slowness

Folder with larger files

Conflicts prevention

Get notified when the file you start working on is being changed by somebody else. Say good-bye to merge conflicts and lost progress

UI of Changed filesnotification

Easy to use

No need to read a book before starting. There is no book! Diversion is designed to be simple and intuitive.

Diversion For
Game Development

robotic sloth

Modern Branching and Merging

Diversion supports Git-like branching strategies, with fast branch switching & easy merging. Use feature branches, release branches, or any workflow that works for your team.

Branch menu

Cloud Sync

Your work is continuously synchronized to the cloud where it is kept safe - even before you commit. If you work with multiple environments, they are always kept up to date with your latest work.

Granular Permissions

Assign folder-level permissions to users and teams - full, read-only or no access. Allow outside contributions to a project without sharing your entire repository, or creating a separate one.

Repo Access Settings
Coming Soon

Git compatible

Diversion can synchronize with existing Git repositories, allowing teams to work with Git and Diversion alternately. You can also use Git to clone from Diversion, enabling easy integration with modern CI tools.

Compatible CI Tools

Frequently asked questions

Yes!!! Diversion is completely free for up to 10 users and 100GB of storage. You heard it right!
Check out www.diversion.dev/pricing for details.

Anyone who develops software! And it’s really great for game development.

  • Easy to use - no need to read a book before you start. You can’t really mess things up like in Git
  • Works well with large files - upload anything you need
  • Synchronizes your changes to the cloud while you work
  • You don’t need a Diversion server, it’s in the cloud
  • Diversion has real branches, like Git
  • You don’t need a Diversion server, it’s in the cloud
  • There is nothing to set up, just sign up and start creating
  • No need to buy licenses!

It easily handles large files and repositories, it helps prevent merge conflicts and is easy to use by non-developers. More info in our game development page.

Diversion works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Yes! But talk to us before.

Yes! It can integrate with any CI tool via Git compatibility, or using the API. Talk to us for more details.

Join our Discord server, check out the docs or email us!