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Effortlessly work with very large files and repositories. No more configuration hassle and slowness.

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Modern Branching and Merging

Diversion supports Git-like branching strategies, with fast branch switching and easy merging. Use feature branches, release branches, or any workflow that works for your team.

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Conflicts prevention

Diversion notifies you when the file or the code area you start working on is being changed by somebody else - even before they commit their changes. Say goodbye to merge conflicts.

Cloud Sync

Your work is continuously synchronized to the cloud where it is kept safe - even before you commit. If you work with multiple environments, they are always kept up to date with your latest work.


def load_config(self, user_id: str):         verify_session(user_id)        db.load_user_data(user_id)


def load_config(self, user_id: str):          db.load_user_data(user_id)

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Granular Permissions

Assign folder-level permissions to users and teams - full, read-only or no access. Allow outside contributions to a project without sharing your entire repository or creating a separate one.

Compatible with Git

Diversion can synchronize with existing Git repositories, allowing teams to work with Git and Diversion alternately. You can also use Git to clone from Diversion, enabling easy integration with modern CI tools.

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Frequently asked questions

4 ways Diversion is different from Git:

  • It works well with large and binary files - you can check anything into the repo.
  • Changes are instantly synchronized to the cloud, where they can be easily shared with others (e.g. for quick feedback or pair programming), even before they are committed.
  • Your worktree is instantly synchronized between different environments, like your PC and an EC2 instance.
  • Cloning a large repository is much faster than Git - you don’t need to bring all your commits history, it’s stored in the cloud.

SVN is an easy to use and quite scalable SCM, but it doesn’t do branching well. Diversion uses the same branching model as Git. Plus, it’s more modern and easy to use, and allows real-time collaboration.

Perforce is a very scalable and respectable enterprise system. However, it’s very difficult to maintain and administer, very difficult to use and very expensive overall. The setup and use is much easier with Diversion, and you don’t need to maintain your own servers or have dedicated SCM administrators.

Diversion is for any organization that wants allow its developers and other product stakeholders manage their code in a simple way and collaborate conveniently.

Diversion is useful for game development companies because it handles large file and repos efficiently and allows game developers and designers to collaborate easily. Developers can use  the familiar Git interface while designers get a simple and friendly UI. Read more on

Diversion has a simple and affordable usage based pricing model. You can start with the Free tier and upgrade to a higher tier if you need larger scale or require additional features or premium support. Learn more about pricing here:

You can use the product for free as long as you stay within the limitations of the Free tier. Learn more here:

Depending on your needs, you can find the appropriate tier that would provide you with the scale that you need.

Diversion can automatically synchronize with git - so you can keep your CI workflow on any git-based platform (e.g. GitHub), while working with Diversion.

Developers can install the Diversion client on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

All Diversion users are getting awesome support via Slack. if you need dedicated premium support you can upgrade to one of the plans that offer that. (more details here:

Capabilities are added to our SaaS platform in an ongoing basis. In order to enjoy some of these capabilities and sometimes to enjoy capabilities added on the client side, you will be asked to update Diversion on your machine.

Sure, Diversion automatically syncs with Git and you can use it to automatically export your data.

The Diversion CLI contains autocompletion and built-in documentation. A quickstart guide is available to all users here:

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